James North Baptist Church has been serving in the North End of Hamilton for over 135 years. Our church was founded in 1887 and from 1910 to 2020 we were known as Hughson Street Baptist Church.

We believe the Lord has called us to a very simple philosophy of ministry. We seek to bless the North End of Hamilton in Jesus' name. We minister to as many people during the week as we do through our Sunday worship times.

We believe the gospel changes everything. The good news of the gospel is that the death of Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sin, taking the penalty we deserve on Himself, saving us with certainty because of His resurrection. The gospel grants us purpose, hope and a new perspective on joy and fulfillment. Life may not always be easy, but our hope is in Jesus Christ.

At James North Baptist Church we strive to continually offer the hope of Jesus to others through our ministries and programs.