Genesis 18-19

 Our sensibilities are often upheaved when we hear about the destruction of an entire city.  ‘Did they all deserve that?’ ‘Wasn’t there a better way?’ ‘The consequence was too severe.’ And we realize we think too much of ourselves and too little of God. We can’t grasp His ‘otherness’ We misconstrue His holiness. We are unable to grasp His justice. We want God to be against evil…but evil as we define it, not as He does. Equally we misconstrue His grace. We can’t understand the depths of our depravity. Lot, who chooses to live in Sodom, offers to trade his daughters and their innocence for the vile purposes of others and who impregnates both of them is called righteous in the New Testament. Again our sensibilities are upheaved.  

Join us Sunday as we take a look at God’s justice and grace. The notes are attached.  

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