Through our curriculum, the Gospel Project for Kids, we take children on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. Your children will discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. They engage through story, activities, scripture memorization, and prayer.  Each week, we send families lesson overviews and valuable links so that parents can engage with their children to prepare them for the coming Sunday's lesson. 


Now that we are back to worshiping in person, you must preregister your children. We are no longer producing Video lessons. We hope to see your children in person. We are offering two services to accommodate more families, so you can register for either the 9:00 or 11:00 service.

September 19: Unit 1, Session 3 – Creation Glorifies God  

  • BIBLE PASSAGE: Psalm 19
  • MEMORY VERSE: The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands. — Psalm 19:1
  • Kingdom Kidz Junior: Why did God create everything? God created everything for His glory.
  • Senior Kingdom Kidz: Why did God create everything? God created everything for His glory and our good.
  • CHRIST CONNECTION: All of creation displays the glory of God—how great He is—although not perfectly. The perfect revelation of God’s glory is found in Jesus, who came to show us exactly what God is like. Because Jesus is God, He is the perfect display of God’s glory.  

In the first two sessions of this unit, we have seen a common thread of God’s glory. God created everything, including people, to display His glory. In this session, we want to make sure that our children understand what that means. What is God’s glory?  

God’s glory can be thought of as God’s greatness. The Bible often uses the picture of a brilliant white light when it comes to God’s glory. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai after spending time with God, his face shone. When Jesus was transfigured, He shined like a brilliant white light. And when Paul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, he saw a blinding light. Such an intense light helps us understand how pure and powerful God’s glory is.  

As you talk with your children, seek to leave them in awe of how big and how good and how loving God is. 

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